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A slim, curved frame with an easy to grip profile. Our Heritage door range is available in a selection of door configurations and colour/finish combinations, with matching frame finishes.

| Available door configurations

This door collection is available in a Single panel design. Click on the door below to see an example room design.

| door finishes

Choose from our selection of door finishes below.

wood effect & panel




Carini Walnut

Glass & mirror


Grey Mirror

Pure White

Arctic White

| frame finishes

Choose from our selection of frame finishes. Our Heritage frame measures 26mm Wide & 26mm Deep.





Carini Walnut

Our wood effect, laminated finishes use a polypropylene based laminate free from formaldehyde, halogen components and plasticisers.

Our painted finishes boast a highly corrosion-resistant aesthetic polymer coating and achieve a A+ rating against EN ISO 16000-9 for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are fully REACH compliant and free from chromates.

| what space do I need?

It’s really important to prepare your project by measuring up your space to ensure your doors fit correctly.
Once you know what space you have to work with, we have 2 door options to help you achieve the perfect fit.


Custom Sized Doors:
1.15 – 4.55m


Fixed Size Doors:
1.2 – 3.6m wide

3 set door width available:
610mm, 762mm & 914mm

Custom Sized Doors:
1.15 – 2.48m


Fixed Size Doors:

Soft close fitted as standard on custom sized doors.

Custom Doors:
Custom doors come complete
with colour matched trackset.


Fixed Size Doors:
All fixed size tracksets
come in 3 lengths.

Made to fit any space

Our collection of made to measure sliding wardrobes and storage systems can be adapted to suit any home, style and demographic. This allows for the product to be bespoke in design as well as size so that every inch of space is utilised.


Wall to wall


Wall to end panel


End panel to end panel


Loft / angled ceiling