Planning for storage

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Measure up

It’s really important to prepare your project by measuring up your space. This will ensure your storage systems fit perfectly and inform what you do.





Now you have your measurements, you can start to plan your interior storage solution. Spacepro stanchion based systems can run from floor to ceiling or floor to wall depending on your space and needs.

The Aura system is simple to install and the accessories hook in and out of the stanchions making it really easy to arrange your storage how you need it.

The Relax system gives you even more flexibility with the option of installation floor to ceiling or floor to wall. Its patented attachment system lets you position the accessories with millimetre precision, so you can use all your space and fit in those awkward-sized possessions.


Planning your storage
Start with one column on the left of your space and then add on additional columns until you have filled your space. Most accessories are 550mm or 900mm but our adjustable hanger bars can be used to fill in that extra space.

Size Guide10

Flexible width accessories
When using our flexible width accessories like our hanger bars or the Relax shoe rack, just add 30mm on to the desired accessory width to work out the space needed.

* These measurements include both left and right stanchions

Accessory placement & arrangement with doors

Size Guide14
When using any pull out accessory (i.e drawers) then we recommend making your door at least 80mm wider than the storage column behind it. For a 2 door opening
Position the drawer to the left or right hand side.
For a 3 door opening
Position the drawers to the left or right hand side.
For a 4 door opening
Position the drawers to the far left, middle or right hand side.

Interior options
Just look at what you can achieve with Spacepro storage systems.

Size Guide17 Size Guide18
Size Guide16
Reach-in wardrobe
We recommend a reach in to wardrobe to be a minimum of 620mm deep to fit you hangers comfortably.
Walk-in wardrobe
With just 1.4m you can get your very own glamorous walk-in wardrobe.